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Assisted Living in Boise, ID

Aspen Valley Assisted Living

Tailored For You, When You Need It

Personalized programming placing an emphasis on resident strengths sets Aspen Valley apart. Whether assistance is required only occasionally, or throughout the day, with your input, we will design a plan that will address your unique needs. Our resident centered specialty programs have been created with built in flexibility to allow for personalization of your specific needs and desires.

Benefits of Assisted Living Include:

  • Tailoring of services to the individual needs of the elder
  • Maintenance of an elder’s lifestyle and connection to the greater community (assistance with transportation, shopping, recreation, and volunteerism are just a few examples)
  • Programs designed to keep an elder active and engaged in life and their surroundings
  • Affordable alternative to the high-cost of in-home care and nursing homes
  • Extended ‘family’ to care and watch out for the elder’s safety and well-being
  • Help prevent major disasters that sometimes happen when elders live alone
  • Monitoring of health and general well-being changes

A growth and wellness plan is created in partnership with you to discuss which services will meet your needs.

The Assisted Living Community That Puts You First

One of the things we most pride ourselves on at Aspen Valley is our ability to cater our services to best satisfy the needs of each of our residents. We provide a custom level of support that allows you to feel secure but also still have a level of independence.

Our level of care services are based on your care needs for things such as:

  • – Medication assistance
  • – Assistance with dressing
  • – Continence care
  • – Assistance with mobility
  • – And more!

How an Assisted Living Community Can Promote Aging Well

One of the biggest advantages of assisted living is its ability to build a community. Residents are often encouraged to participate in activities at an assisted living facility. Not only do these activities help residents physically by stimulating the body and mind, but they also help them emotionally by building strong relationships with other residents.

According to the International Longevity Center, the elderly who move into an assisted living community have a stronger sense of purpose and are better equipped to develop positive relationships with those around them. Furthermore, having a stronger sense of purpose will help develop healthy life habits leading to aging well.

If you want to hear more about the amazing benefits that assisted living in Boise, ID has to offer, we would love to speak with you today.

A Look at Aspen Valley

A quick look at our beautiful community inside and out. Click here to view our full photo tour!

Passion and Committment

Our wellness services and life enrichment opportunities are designed to maintain or improve the capabilities of each resident with the emphasis on abilities and support to maintain independence. Our team believes if you do the right thing, the right things happen.
  • We encourage you or your loved one to be independent when possible.
  • To maintain your community contacts.
  • To expand your horizons by sharing your talents, continuing to learn, and exploring the opportunity to try new things.
As a team, we take care of your loved one and their individual needs.