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Memory Care in Boise, ID - Aspen Valley

Memory Care at Aspen Valley

Compassionately Tailored for Our Residents

Aspen Valley Memory Care limits our population to only 16 residents to maximize individualized attention. Gifted team members with specialized training manage focused and customized care programs for our memory care Boise residents. We provide thoughtful activities, and patient and compassionate interactions with our residents, and believe strongly in simple, tender loving care.

We offer private studio apartments, and we provide the exact services and amenities included in our assisted living facility. Flexible care programs allow the resident to acclimate to a new environment while maintaining familiar routines and time-frames.

If you or your family have a loved one struggling with care as a result of advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our highly experienced and friendly team-members will gladly answer any questions you might have, and we can schedule a tour of our clean, safe, and well-staffed facility. We cherish all our residents and are dedicated to giving them the best-quality care and living environment possible.

Our Warm Memory Care Environment

Our Memory Care includes empathetic communication techniques to maintain self-esteem, and to attend to the basic human needs of each individual. In addition, special attention is paid to nutrition, physical, social, and cognitive stimulation.

Our Music program stimulates the limbic brain helping each person maintain a sense of self and purpose. We are also passionate about occasionally recording stories we hear each day and capturing them in audio recordings.

The legacy of each person is maintained. Our goal is to help each individual be the best they can be despite cognitive decline while slowing the progression of impairments.

Want to learn how to communicate with your loved one using empathetic communication? Join us for training!

Memory Care Benefits

Benefits of a Boise, Idaho community-based memory care setting include:

  • • Secured entry to minimize the risk of wandering
  • • Regular human interaction and programs to engage the memory-challenged individual in daily life, minimizing withdrawal
  • • Nutrition, exercise, social stimulation, and support
  • • Elder well-being monitoring and communication with family and health care providers
  • • Freedom from caring for a loved one’s daily needs, so families can focus on spending quality and joyful times together

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Hear From Others!

Have Questions or Need More Information?

We love to answer any and all questions our residents or future residents have about assisted living in Boise, ID Please contact us for more information!

Passion and Committment

Our wellness services and life enrichment opportunities are designed to maintain or improve the capabilities of each resident with the emphasis on abilities and support to maintain independence. Our team believes if you do the right thing, the right things happen.
  • We encourage you or your loved one to be independent when possible.
  • To maintain your community contacts.
  • To expand your horizons by sharing your talents, continuing to learn, and exploring the opportunity to try new things.
As a team, we take care of your loved one and their individual needs.